Yoga Surfers

The moment of being on a wave is so fleeting—yet so thrilling—that you want to experience it again and again, no matter how many waves you catch! Like surfing, yoga gives you a glimpse into what it is to be in that place of utter freedom—completely outside of the boundaries of time, constraints, obligations, and expectations—just powerful, alive, open, and free! —Peggy Hall

About Peggy

Called a “legend” by Surfer magazine, Peggy Hall is an avid surfer and certified yoga instructor who is recognized as the pioneer of the modern surf and yoga movement. Since 2002, her best-selling Yoga for Surfers instructional DVD series has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of surfers around the world.

Peggy is also a leading wellness expert, author, speaker, and radio and television personality who shares her passion for Living Swell® with her signature natural health and beauty products.

Peggy first discovered yoga when she began surfing in her mid-thirties. Her intention was to heal her chronic shoulder tendinitis from years of competitive swimming. Not only did her shoulder heal, but her surfing improved dramatically. Looking for a surf-specific yoga video but finding nothing like that existed, Peggy put her passions together and created the world’s first Yoga for Surfers instructional video series. Peggy also runs Yoga for Surfers Teacher Training Programs to prepare instructors to teach surf-specific yoga at retreats, camps, and diverse locations around the world.

Known for her enthusiastic and inspiring teaching style, Peggy’s clear, encour-aging instruction makes even the most demanding poses accessible to all, and her radiant energy is a testament to the life-enhancing benefits of yoga.

In addition to her passions for yoga, surfing, and healthy living, Peggy is a fierce animal welfare advocate involved in education and community outreach through her organization,, which works to save the lives of neglected and abandoned animals that otherwise would have no hope.