There is now tremendous scientific research that shows that when yoga is practiced as a complementary regime along with other activities, the results of all other activities improve.

Why might this be?

Yoga, when taught and practiced properly, is meant to heal, balance, and restore the body and mind. It strengthens the areas that are weak, stretches the areas that are tight, and with consistency helps you to create a true sense of balance both physically and emotionally.

Yoga is a safe and powerful way to learn the art of flow. If taught properly, there is little chance for injury, and more commonly it will heal any aches, pains, or imbalances you might be experiencing in your body and life. The art of flow is most effectively taught in the vinyasa yoga style, although other styles of yoga can begin to teach this through both practice and theory, as they all start with the basic premise that the breath is your connection to life.

The more you practice yoga, the more attuned you become to the subtle essence of your spirit, which allows you to access the flow state naturally, as it is the state that transcends the mind’s incessant thoughts.

Meditation, another aspect of the holistic science of yoga, can also teach you how to access the flow state. Although there are many forms and styles of meditation, it is also related to the guidance you have when embarking upon this journey. Just as the experience of learning to surf will be dramatically different for a surfer who learns at the North Shore in Hawaii from a pro or a surfer who learns in Miami Beach from a novice, for example, the methods and environment can truly make all the difference in one’s experience. For those seeking the master level experience, it’s always advisable to train with the masters. For all other intents, you can learn from the local yoga teacher at your health club and begin the journey just as well.

They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. In this book I will introduce you to the top surfing yoga masters in the world. It’s an honor and privilege to learn from the masters, and you can trust that they will guide you in the right direction. These teachers not only master the flow state in yoga, but also master it on the waves. The practices they share in each chapter are those that work best for them and that they feel will most powerfully guide you on your way.

As the saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” In other words, you can read about yoga and how it may benefit you, but only through consistent practice will you achieve the greatest results. Yoga is a lifelong journey, and once you get started, just like surfing, you realize there really is no end.

There is a level of mastery you can attain and strive toward, but even as you reach that level you start to see there is always further to go. The path is deeper than the unexplored areas of the ocean and as wide and vast as the entire cosmic universe. There is an unending eternal, infinite unboundedness to the journey that can be both intimidating and alluring. As you access deeper realms of your own self-mastery and consciousness, you can also begin to grasp the infinite nature of existence itself.

All this and yoga will also make you feel really good. That same euphoric blissfulness that you feel when you catch an epic wave can become a steady and consistent vibration of your energy with regular yoga practice. Just as surfers tend to be easygoing and go with the flow, yoga can help to loosen up any rigidity or discontentment of the personality. There are practices for every need and desire, whether you want to simply become more flexible, release pain from your body, strengthen your core, or elevate your mood and energy. Yoga can do all this and so much more.

In this book, each practice that is offered has a specific intention. So feel free to use this book prescriptively. When you need to unwind, relieve stress, and relax, go with the practices in the tenth chapter. If you are seeking a more vigorous workout to empower your energy and strengthen your core, try chapter 3. You can choose to practice outside on the beach, on your surfboard or paddleboard on the water, or in the comfort of your home on a traditional yoga mat.

My intention is for you to use this book as a reference manual, coming back to it daily or as often as you can. Find the practices that work for you and feel free to share them with your friends and loved ones. Consistency is the key to your success, and self-mastery is closer than you know. Best wishes to your incredible journey! Love and blessings,