One Friday night, Harry prepared to take his family to see his mum usually after a protracted period, so the kids were so excited to have this long weekend

trip. While Mary was in the kitchen, climbed up halfway on the ladder to put washed dishes on the upper cupboard, kids rushed in, running around and mad everywhere rowdy and noisy. Harry entered the kitchen, screamed at them as to get them out. At that moment, Mary happened to have fallen sick. She became unhappy, her face was pale, so white as paper. Mary suddenly lost her composition.

A few minutes ago, she looked healthy and strong with no signs of illness, what suddenly happened to her? This is not the first likely incident. Harry has taken her to many Hospitals on the area nearby, but all doctors informed the same that Mary is healthy, no illness could be found even to the slightest of them. Nevertheless, by Harry final effort on Dianetics Treatment, through hundreds of repeated questions and answers on what had happened in the kitchen before she got sick, Mary started to get

mad on the questioner and unconsciously shouted at him, anyways with some clues added up, Mary referred that the pain was just like her head hitting on the floor, and this clues triggered up Harry long time memory on accident that once happened in the kitchen when Mary had fallen from a ladder and was knocked down on the floor in the midst of kids, as they were playing around and Harry scolded at them . By these final words, we eventually knew that Mary’s illness was flipped up by her deep memory that was created from the subconscious because in that state of unconsciousness she went through severe pain.

Technically, once the subconscious takes charge, they are more direct than the consciousness, memory created by them is signal-wise, not event-provoking. In this case, the subconscious noted down that “frequency of kid’s noise with Harry’s scold-ed-sound plus the visual of the kitchen scenario” equals to “severe pain”. Once those 3 factors happened to be matched, it simulated severe pain as pre-warning of danger to our conscious to act as if we are extremely in a serious situation of life or death.

For a solution, since this happened by ignorance, the symptom will trend to reduce through this transcendence of the root cause, thus it will cease to exist sometimes after a series of repeated actual incidents.