Risk economy

There is no such thing that you have to take huge risks if you want huge returns. The key is to manage your risk. How? By knowing what you are doing.

Warren Buffet has built up quite a reputation as an expert investor.

He has made billions of dollars on the stock market while many other investors have lost money.

What makes him special? He knows what he is doing. While many people don’t invest on the stock market, thinking that it is too risky, an investor like Warren Buffet knows how to manage risk.

As far as I am concerned, investing in anything without sufficient knowledge and without managing risk is gambling. Pure and simple.

Talking about gambling… Never act out of desperation! Especially not when it comes to internet marketing.

In fact, I sometimes think that many desperate people view internet marketing in the same light as gambling.

I can’t tell you how many times I have come across statements such as “Help. I am desperate for money. Please tell me how to make money quickly”.

My advice to these people is to get a job or even a second job.

Not having the right mindset about internet marketing will often cost them dearly. The risk of failing when you act out of desperation is simply too high.

It is sad that some unscrupulous marketers will deliberately exploit desperate people by giving them false hope.

What is even worse is that many of these unscrupulous marketers often only make money by tricking other people.

For example, they sell people a book on how to make $10,000 per month although they have never made $10,000 per month themselves…

Risk in business is a given. Running a business is all about managing risk, not avoiding risk.

This also applies to internet marketing. Risk cannot and should not be avoided but must be managed. However, you will find that as you gain more knowledge and experience in internet marketing that you will be able to manage risk better all the time.


As far as internet marketing is concerned, it even goes further than only believing in yourself. You need to believe in what you are doing.

You need to be comfortable that you are doing the right things for the right reasons. You have to be confident and project confidence to other people.

If you are selling or promoting a product or service you need to believe in the product or service. I consider trying to make money from something that you do not believe in to be fraudulent. Not in a legal sense but from a moral and ethical perspective.

I often get up to 30 emails a day from people promoting one or other product. I don’t mind.

However, what really irritates me is when I know someone is promoting a product such as an e-book as the next best thing since a slice of bread when he has not even read it himself!

How on earth can he believe in the e-book if he has not read it?

Why should I believe him? In fact, why should I believe anything he says when he is obviously only trying to make a quick sale?

You see, it is not only a question of believing in yourself but also getting other people to believe in you.

By believing in yourself and what you are doing it will be a lot easier to establish credibility with potential customers.

Furthermore, by believing in yourself you will be less inclined to give up.

In fact, if you know you are right, never give up. Not every single thing you do online will be profitable. Guaranteed.

By believing in yourself and considering quitting not to be an option you will look for (and find) ways to succeed.

What about luck? Well, I believe you create your own luck.

It always reminds me of golfing legend Gary Player who once said

“The more I practice the luckier I get”.

Having a positive mindset really helps!