Yoga Surfers

As surfers, we thrive on the energy of the ocean. We feel totally alive when we connect to the power of the waves and awaken the essence of our being. We want nothing more than to stay in the water as long as possible and to surf with as much energy and endurance as we can. We want to catch more waves and surf them better than ever. We want to experience the transforming energy that only a soul-cleansing surf can offer.

As surfers, yoga helps us achieve all that and more.



  1. At its essence, yoga is freedom. Focus less on executing a perfect pose and more on experiencing yourself in the pose. Where can you release, relax, and let go even more?
  2. Move in a way that feels good to your body. Avoid forcing or straining, which can create more tension in your mind and muscles. Allow your body to open in its own time.
  3. Let go of the notion of good and bad or right and wrong. There’s no such thing as being “good” at yoga—it’s all good when you’re simply breathing and staying calm and aware. Let go of any judgment or criticism about yourself and the pose.


  1. Befriend the ocean. Learn how to read the waves, the weather, the con-ditions. Realize that certain days you’ll be on the beach instead of in the water. When you’re not surfing, practice yoga to work on your strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, lung capacity, and mental focus.
  2. Warm up before paddling out. Spend about five to seven minutes doing some easy stretches (get ideas at Focus on con-scious breathing throughout your surf session.
  3. Open yourself to the totality of the surfing experience. Take note of the weather, the water temperature, the sea life, all of creation. It’s not the wave count; it’s about making each wave count through conscious aware-ness and endless gratitude. Enjoy your special time in the water basking in the beauty of creation and the power of life itself, whether or not you catch any waves!