Guided Meditation

Start seated in gomukhasana (cow face) with arms extended above in Hawaiian prayer.

We call this Hawaiian prayer posi-tion, with arms open to the sky and heart lifted. In this open- armed posi-tion, which is a form of a mudra or kriya, you open yourself to receive, which is to invoke the feminine receptive energy of the divine in your practice. If this seated position is too uncomfortable, then sit with your legs crossed in any comfortable position you can hold for a few min-utes. Just keep your spine erect and straight, as that is the essential aspect to have the best experience in all seated meditation postures.

You can keep your arms extended or, if that is too challenging, place your palms on your heart or rest your palms facing up on your legs or knees during this med-itation. The intention of this meditation is to connect with your natural state of inner peace and joy, which will raise your overall vibration and state of being.

Start with your eyes closed and begin to connect with your breath. As you inhale, simply observe how the flow of air enters the nostrils, and connect with the pause between the inhale and the exhale before releasing the breath. Connect with a steady rhythm of breath and feel any tension or stress melting away from your body. As you release deeper and deeper into a state of mental relaxation, begin to draw your awareness to your heart center. Feel the breath expand the lungs, expanding your heart and filling your body with a feeling of peace. If any thoughts of your life come into your mind, step outside of these thoughts and witness them as a silent observer. See that all is in divine and perfect order. See that life is on your side. See that everything is always working out for you. Know that everything is exactly as it is supposed to be.

Now we will invoke the Hawaiian prayer of forgiveness: Ho’oponopono.

In the Hawaiian tradition there is a very powerful prayer to create harmony and heal all relations. It’s simple, and anyone can benefit from this practice. The traditional kahunas, who were the Hawaiian shaman s, passed this down for many generations, and now we can invoke the miracles in our own lives through this simple yet profound teaching.

There are four parts to the prayers, each addressing an aspect of human rela-tions and invoking healing into these aspects. You can repeat this prayer just one time or as many times as you desire, even addressing the prayer toward a specific person, situation, or circumstance you wish to heal in your life or in the world at large. The power of prayer is immense, so be ready for miracles! As you clear the energy within yourself toward all your relations, you will notice an immediate shift of your own vibration.

You can do this daily or as often as you like. I even know people who do this all day every day as a walking mantra meditation, simply repeating the prayer to create a positive energy field surrounding them everywhere they go. Just do what works for you and enjoy the experience. Feel free to reach out to me to share your experience. I’d love to hear about it!

The Ho’oponopono Prayer

I love you. (Love)

I am sorry. (Compassion)

Please forgive me. (Forgiveness)

Thank you. (Gratitude)

Feel free to modify this slightly, by adding the name of who you are addressing with the prayer or even directing it toward yourself. For example:

I love you, mother.

I am sorry, mother.

Please forgive me, mother.

Thank you, mother.

In my practice I have gone on to expand it even further to include specifics.

For example:

I love you, mother.

I am sorry, for the pain you experienced in the final years of your life.

Please forgive me, for anything I may have done or not done, I tried my best to

help you heal.

Thank you, for giving me life and for showing me nonattachment so early

in life.

This is just one example, but I hope you get the idea. The more you can feel the prayer in your heart and connect with the energy and emotions of love, compas-sion, forgiveness, and gratitude, the more powerful and miraculous this prayer and meditation experience becomes. Try doing this daily for eleven or thirty days and see if you can notice a shift in your energy, relationships, and way of relating to the world.

With consistent practice of this prayer and meditation, you will notice an uplifting feeling of inner peace and joy in your heart, mind, and life. As you gain this deep clarity of energy within you, it will ripple out to everything and every-one around you. In this way, you are being the change that will shift the world.

Like a domino effect, as each one of us on earth takes personal responsibility for our energy and state of being, we positively raise the vibration for all humanity.